SEO Services

Hi, I’m Stephen I provide freelance SEO consulting service to clients around the World. I have been working with SEO since 1999 and worked on hundreds if not thousands of sites since. My experience covers work in start-ups including the largest in Scandinavia where I was SEO and Social Media Lead. I have worked award-winning agencies in the UK and Sweden as well has had several in-house marketing roles in large online companies.

This page is still being “fleshed out” but essentially I offer a variety of SEO services…

  • Google Penalty and Algorithm Recovery
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Start-Up SEO Consulting
  • General SEO and online growth consulting

I spend my time between Chichester in the United Kingdom and Gothenburg in Sweden where I now live most of the year. The majority of my clients are UK and US-based although I work with a number of Swedish brands also.