Online marketing is my passion! 

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Stephen Sumner

Welcome to my site and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Stephen Sumner, I have finally got round to starting my own blog to help share what I hope will be interesting and useful posts covering many aspects of online marketing and the internet business in general. I am probably fast approaching the status of veteran with 17 years of online marketing and web operations experience and I am very overdue in setting this blog up.

I am a British guy who up until quite recently lived and worked in the United Kingdom, a couple of years ago I met my partner in life Jennie and she happened to be from Sweden so I now happily live in the country of Sweden.

I took one or two crap jobs when I finished my diploma and then the internet became a thing, having been previously been interested in Amateur Radio the World Wide Web as it was known in Nineties really caught my attention and I instantly saw the potential. After a few offline jobs, I made a decision to start my own start-up in 1999 aged 21 years old!

I started my online career in 1999 as the founder of a successful e-commerce business that I bootstrapped up to $500,000 revenue per year from my parent’s spare bedroom! Following that, I worked in the online classifieds space for several large sites in marketing and operations roles. I did 2 years of freelance SEO and online marketing consultancy to a group of large jobsboard websites and a nationwide fire safety company before joining one of the largest digital agencies in the south-east of England where I worked as a senior SEO manager.

Then I made the big move out here to live in Sweden where I have worked up until quite recently for a large start-up in the classifieds space again.
To learn more about my career you can download my CV here or find me here on LinkedIn. I am now working again as a freelance SEO and online marketing consultant, I also work with an SEO agency in Gothenburg as a consultant.

I have several hobbies that keep me entertained in my spare time, I enjoy mucking around in boats whether that is a little sailing dinghy or a larger motorboat, I really love just being on the water. My plan is to have two boats, one small aluminium dinghy for the lake up the road from me here and small yacht or motorboat to allow me to explore the Archipelago of Gothenburg which is just a few miles off the coast from me.

I really enjoy photography
I have been thinking if there is a way to combine the two subjects with this blog but at the present time I have not. I will share some links to my online albums soon.