There are a number of ways I can help with my consulting service…

  • Start-ups – perhaps you just want some initial advice?
  • Purchases and Acquisitions – Do you want me to look into a prospective websites SEO and see how it has been put together? I can help with due diligence from an SEO angle.
  • New business – Have you just bought a business and need some guidance on the web strategy.
  • Merging websites – I can help you handle this situation and maximise the SEO opportunities.
  • Team / Department – I can come and visit your team and department, review their SEO processes and guide you on how to do more, better!


These are just a few of the less common scenarios I can help as an SEO Consultant, I can work remotely or visit your location.

Do get in touch if you don’t see a solution, I normally am able to help.