Start-Up SEO

I’m potentially going to ruffle a few feathers here (apologies), but most new businesses are not start-ups, certainly not in the eyes of the tech world or anyone with a bit of experience. A true start-up in my view and of countless peers is a venture set-up with solving a unique problem in mind. So, if you are launching a new business that is window cleaning, or mechanics or accountancy congratulations! Welcome to the business world and I personally wish you every success, however, you are probably not a real “start-up” as the technology industry would see things. I don’t wish yo alienate you, but this page talks about start-up SEO when it comes to tech ventures.

Onto Start-Up SEO then…

I led the SEO in Scandinavia’s largest start-up ($65MM at the time) and worked tirelessly from the Gothenburg development office amongst some of the most talented people I have come across. I have also worked with a number of start-ups during my agency life back in the UK and here in Sweden.

Start-up SEO is a challenge and there is a shit-ton of reasons why!

  • New domains are harder to rank
  • Start-ups are typically dev-led from the outset and technical considerations are nearly always overlooked.
  • SEO takes time, like lots of time…months/years sometimes!
  • There are a lot of shitty agencies out there overselling their staffs time and not delivering a solid result for you.
  • SEO game is changing all the time, quicker than some dev teams can ship a release!
  • Start-up founders don’t normally understand the investment needed early on in SEO and assume rankings will just magically appear.
  • Early stage In-house marketing teams most likely lack the depth of experiences to do SEO at scale or properly.
  • Start-ups don’t know how to hire good SEO’s

There are many more I’m sure but that is just a flavour.

How can I help start-ups then…

  1. I can help you hire/interview and find the right SEO for your business.
  2. I can come into your company for a day or several days at a time and bring your people up to speed quickly with priorities and knowledge to get things done.
  3. I can act as an advisor to your product or marketing team on the right approach to various facets of your website before you put the dev team to work.
  4. I can work-up a full SEO strategy for your start-up which you can use straight away to get results.
  5. I can do a full in-depth technical audit of your site and tell you what things need fixing and provide a prioritised list for you.

If any of this sounds familiar or of interest, please do get in touch and let’s see how I can help.